We manufactured thousands of SCAM Vacuum Pumps for our many customers around the world, that use them in Power Plants, Steel Mills, Desalination Plants and more. The range of SCAM Pumps range from the WL0000 type with a power of 2 kW to the WL 21 type with a power of 75 kW, making it suitable for any industry.

SCAM pumps work as a hydraulic turbine with partial injection operated by an electric motor. The water arriving axially into the water inlet body enters radially the impeller, passing through an element with a rectangular section called distributor, then the drain takes place when the impeller blades run in front of the distributor. Thus, water blades are formed. The incondensable substances and the saturating steam are trapped among the water blades and are led to the drain, where they are expelled by a deaeration system where the fluid re-compression takes place.

Usually, an important drawback is represented by the presence of incondensable substances in a steam condenser that works under vacuum, deriving from the re-entry of small quantities of air and from the degassing of process fluids, but SCAM Air Pump keeps incondensable substances at a very low level and with the best efficiency in terms of reliability and consumption. The required intake of a SCAM Air Pump is a mixture saturated with air and saturating steam at a much higher temperature than the plant cold water. Exploiting this mixture compression, the SCAM pump works by means of liquid pistons created by the rotation of a blade impeller. The continuous technological development and recent adjustments done on our pumps and on its auxiliaries, integrated thereto, make them suitable for all kinds of applications.

SCAM pumps are manufactured with suitable materials in order to avoid any corrosive phenomena of their parts in contact with gas or feed water. Another quality of the SCAM vacuum pump is its stoutness: it does not require any gaskets between moving parts, except a stuffing box. Its mechanical design does not require any reduced tolerance or complexly shaped parts.