For many years, SCAM has been specializing in the design and manufacture of on-shore and marine plants for the production of fresh water from sea water. We were ready to adapt to the new technologies that use semi-permeable membranes, and we developed the SCAM Reverse osmosis plant used in our RO (Reverse Osmosis) Sea Water Desalting Plants, with a capacity ranging from 1 to 2,000 T of pure and ultra-pure water per day. We are proudly owner of the Zero Discharge patent applied to this system.

Possible applications are multiples:

  • Drinkable water for human uses, destined to outlying agricultural villages, communities, towns, yachts or big industrial compounds. Seawater or brine could become drinkable by removing components dangerous for the human body.
  • Water for irrigation, for dry places and in seasons when these products could be sold as first fruits and vegetables.
  • Ultra-pure water for industrial uses. Our clients use it in high pressure boilers, for pharmaceutical/cosmetic production, for ice/beer/soft drinks and in microcircuit production processes.

Every RO System comes with the necessary elements (filtering systems, chemical treatments, high pressure pumps, salinometers, etc.) pre-assembled in a solid frame.

We also provide optional accessories, such as auxiliary water pumps for desalting plants/storage tanks, pre-filtering system to eliminate oil traces, U. V. sterilization, carbon filters, energy recovery equipment, and more, depending on the requirement of our clients, that can also request plastic or fiberglass tubes and tanks for marine applications.

SCAM can supply units with a wide range of membranes for specific cases, each with its own advantages: cellulose fiber, for example, has great resistance to the effects of free chlorine, and polyamide fibers have a wider pH tolerance and a great salt rejection capacity.