image Turin plant

SCAM Srl has been working in the field of thermics since its foundation in Turin, back in May 1930. It was initially established as the Italian Branch of an important international industrial and financial group.
Through the years it has taken the utmost from the very advanced technology related to Thermotechnics.

At the beginning of the year 1980 the Company become independent and totally Italian.
During all this time SCAM, by earning prestige and trust among all its best customers, in Italy and abroad, expanded its activities by the most important supplying equipment to Thermal Power Plants and supplying military Navy, for domestic and international shipyards, as well as Italian and foreign industries in various areas such as petrochemical, electrical, mechanic, manufacturing fields.

The growing and long success SCAM has been enjoying so far is witnessed by the constant development and refinement of our business structure and by our long list of customers. Among them there are the most important and outstanding names of public and private Italian and foreign industries, which SCAM proudly include in its references list.
SCAM can proudly boast many years of experience in the studying, planning and implementing its manufacturing line.