SCAM is leader in the field of power generation, petrochemical and chemical industries since 1930 and it has got a wide experience in designing, planning and manufacturing the following equipment:

  • Steam Air Ejectors and Vacuum Groups;
  • Vacuum Electro-Pumps;
  • Steam Condensers;
  • Sea Water Distilling Evaporators (Multiflash, Ejecto-Compressors, Heat Recovery from Diesel Engines, Reverse Osmosis type);
  • Deaerators;
  • Air, Water and Oil Coolers;
  • Water Heaters;
  • Heat Exchangers;
  • Thermo-compressors;
  • Condenser Tube Cleaning Systems;
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Oil Filters;
  • Salinometers.

These apparatus have been adopted in the fields of Power Generation as well as in Petrochemical and Chemical Industries, Steel Mills and Shipyards. Their technical and economical validity is so high that, among our main Customers, we can boast very important Italian and foreign Engineering Companies and End Users.

As a reference, we could mention, as now installed and operating:

  • hundreds of Power Plants use our apparatus and equipment;
  • more than 19.000 Steam Ejectors and Vacuum Pumps;
  • more than 14,000 Heat Exchangers, Air and Oil Coolers;
  • about 1,300 Sea Water Evaporators for Ships and Power Stations;
  • more than 1,700 Ships use our apparatus and equipment.


Quality and technology always up to date