Nowadays SCAM comprises:

  • Head offices, design departments and a modern workshop in Turin, fitted with the latest in modern equipment, including test rooms for raw materials and finished products, laboratories for chemical analysis, all complying with strict Quality Assurance regulations;
  • An efficient team of highly specialized technicians and engineers.
  • Training programs for our employees and customer technicians, which are held in a well-equipped school to ensure a training fitting the required degree of the necessary specialization.

We train engineers, technicians, testers and even our Customers’ own operating crews – such as specialists in the operation of desalination plants, vacuum groups, pumps, etc.;

The production facilities are located in: Turin – Mirafiori – Italy – Corso Orbassano, 368 / 18 – 24

  • Head Office,
  • Management and Technical Departments,
  • Commercial Department,
  • Design Department,
  • Workshop with Stores,
  • Administration Department,
  • Testing Areas,
  • Chemical Laboratory,
  • Technical School for: Engineers, Welders and Specialists in our production methods.