Since 1930 SCAM has been designing and manufacturing more than 17,000 different Ejectors mostly for energy and manufacturing industries, but also for chemical and petrochemical plants for keeping the vacuum necessary for processing fractional distillation, crystallization, drying, deaeration, filtration and impregnation. Our Ejectors may be of single or multi-stage types with intermediate and final surface or mixture condensers. Condensers placed between one stage and the other are meant to condensate the steam coming from the previous stage in order to reduce the quantity of required fluid.

The main use is as cooling branch of a vacuum system: when water or an aqueous solution brought to a suitable temperature under vacuum, it cools itself as the result of evaporation. In the pharmaceutical and foodstuff field, ejectors are also used for lyophilisation, vacuum packaging, fruit juice concentration, cooling processes of fresh vegetables and of small size fruits and sugar/syrup production processes. In compression-type sea water desalting units, where the “booster ejector” can suitably replace the mechanical compressor.

SCAM ejectors can also be used for their “flash effect” cooling (instant vacuum evaporation) of some corrosive liquids where the use of conventional heat exchangers would be expensive and hardly practicable.