Vacuum Group

Since a long time SCAM has met the various customers’ requirements who demanded not only each component but a package plant included of all accessories in order to reduce the installation time, order numbers, tests and inspections ect.

In order to satisfy such requirements, SCAM has included in its production lines, the Vacuum Group, especially for vacuum sector.

These are divided into:

  • Vacuum Group with SCAM vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum Group with steam jet ejectors
  • Vacuum Group with hybrid system SCAM pumps plus ejectors

Each one has as a middle element the pump or the ejector but to these can be added:

  • exchangers
  • regulation valves
  • storage tanks
  • pipeline
  • instrumentation
  • electric wires
  • insulations
  • single bedplate

In this way the installation is enormously facilitated by reducing the connections to a few pipes and electric cables.