air coolers

Finned tube coolers ( air coolers )

SCAM has been manufacturing finned tube coolers for many years.

Our air coolers have the following applications:
- air coolers for overcharged Diesel engines
- air coolers for electric motors and alternators
- hydrogen coolers for high power alternators
- double-tube air coolers for electric motors and marine engines
- water and oil finned tube air coolers.

Operating Principles:
The liquid circulates inside of the smooth or finned tubes.
The tubes, externally finned ensure a large exchange surface with ventilation air and allow the thermal transfer between the two fluids.

The exchange surfaces of the coolers of the electrical machines are mostly made ofmetals such as copper or copper alloys for the tubes and copper for the fins.
As far as air coolers are concerned their surfaces can also be made of steel tubes fitted with aluminium or steel fins, possibly protected.
Tube sheets and boxes for the water distribution are either made of steel or of copper alloys (brass or copper-aluminium) according to the type of the circulating water.

For many years SCAM has been manufacturing finned tube coolers. These tubes, externally finned, offer a large surface in contact with the cooling air and allow an optimised heat exchange between the two fluids.