historical references


1930 First apparatus manufactured and bearing the SCAM tag: “Deaerator” destined to the Chemical Institute of Florence.

1931 First “On-Shore Evaporator” manufactured to produce 350 lt/h. of distilled water for the Chemical Institute of Florence.

1932 First “Cooling Plant” for the cooling of crew rooms and ammunition storehouse of the “Emanuele Filiberto” Royal Cruiser (supplied to the Shipyards of Leghorn).

1933 First “Marine Coil Evaporator – Forced Circulation Type” for the “Muzio Attendolo” Royal Ship -output 90 cu.m/day.

1933 Mixed “Refrigeration Unit” for the cooling of the fore ammunition storehouse and chandlery of the “Montecuccoli” Royal Cruiser.

1934 First “Air Ejectors” with surface condensers manufactured for the “Greche” Destroyer.

1935 First “Air Ejector” installed on the “C. Cavour” ship of Italian Royal Navy. Similar equipment, before and during the Second World War, were supplied to the following Royal Ships: Garibaldi, Vittorio Veneto, Littorio, Doria, Conte di Savoia.

1937 Four distilled water “Coolers” for the pump room of the E.I.A.R. (Italian Radio Broadcasting Authority) plant of Prato Smeraldo.

1937 Two rotating air “Filters” with oiled laminations, manufactured for Cappelli & Ferrania of Ferrania.

1937 First “Steam Thermo-compressor” manufactured for Bataille of Paris.

1938 Two-stage “Refrigeration Unit” at 460.000 frig/Hr. between +16 °C and +18 °C manufactured for the “Savoia” Royal Ship.

1948 First “Multiple Effect On-Shore Evaporator”, output 3 cu.m/hr, manufactured for the ILVA Steel Mills of Piombino.

1948 “Coil Sea Water Evaporator” at 50 cu.m/day for the “Conte Grande” Transatlantic Passenger Ship.

1949 First “Motor Driven Pump” for transformer oil manufactured for the Italian branch of Tecnomasio Brown Boveri S.A.

1950 First “Natural Draft Cooling Tower”, water load 1.200 cu.m/h, height 30 m, base diameter 22 m., with wooden filling, built for the Italian branch of Michelin S.A. of Turin.

1950 Air/water “Cooler” with finned and tin-plated copper elliptical tubes, manufactured for R.A.I (Italian Broadcasting Authority).

1950 New type of “Air Filter” for the ILVA Steel Mills of Bagnoli.

1952 First “Package Sea Water Evaporating Plant” manufactured for the “Mirella D’Amico” Motor Ship.

1955 Fist “Forced Draft Degassing Tower”, base diameter 9 m, height 13 m., with wooden filling, supplied to the Società Interconsorziale Romagnola.

1956 First advanced-type “Package Sea Water Evaporator”, output 40 cu.m/day, installed on the “Amerigo Vespucci” School Ship at the Italian Navy Shipyard in La Spezia.

1956 “Induced Draft Degassing Tower” having 48 fans of 1,7 m. diameter, flow 11.500 cu.m/h., supplied to Anic of Ravenna.

During 1955-1957, for Anic, other four natural draft towers – 5.000 cu.m./hr each, height 52 m., base diameter 46 m. – were built for Anic.

1959 First “R.C.M. (Engine Heat Recovery) Type Evaporating Plant”, output 20 cu.m/day, supplied to the Sicilnavi Shipowner. Tested at the Test Room of Fiat Grandi Motori in Turin, it was installed on the Fiat “Villar Perosa” Ship.

1962 “Triple Effect Evaporating Plant” producing a distilled water output of 240 cu.m/day, installed on the “Guglielmo Marconi” Transatlantic Passenger Ship.

A similar plant was installed on the “Galileo Galilei” Transatlantic Passenger Ship too.

1963 First “SCAM-Flash Sea Water Evaporating Plant”, output 300 cu.m/day, installed on the “Oceanic” Passenger Ship. Similar types of plant were installed on main Italian Cruise Ships: Eugenio Costa, Federico Costa, Carla Costa and Enrico Costa.

1965 “Induced Draft Cooling Tower”at 13.000 cu.m/hr, having a reinforced concrete structure, supplied to the ENEL (Italian Government Power Authority) Thermal Power Station in Bastardo (Perugia).

1966 First “R.C.M.-V Evaporator”, operating also with steam, output 60 cu.m/day, for the “Santa Valeria” Motor Vessel. The same type of plant was installed on all main Italian Oil tankers having a gross tonnage of 250.000 tons.

1967 First “Refrigeration Unit” at 3.400.000 frig/h. supplied to Farmitalia of Settimo Torinese (Turin). With a second twin one, installed in the same Workhouse, it has been the largest plant of this type ever operating in Italy.

1968 “SCAM-Flash Evaporating Plant”, output 76 cu.m/day, installed on the “Vittorio Veneto” cruiser, and later also on the “Andrea Doria” Cruiser.

1969 “SCAM-Flash Evaporating Plant”, output 48 cu.m/day, installed on the “Audace” Destroyer. The same type of plant was installed on the “Ardito” Destroyer, the “Andrea Doria” and “Caio Duilio” Cruisers as well as on the “Amerigo Vespucci” School Ship.